HaxBall News

Small update

Just released a small change on the HaxBall client


  • Added a team reset button which lets the room admin quickly turn everyone into spectators.
  • Modified “Auto” button, instead of filling the teams to max capacity it will pick a random pair of players per click.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to become stuck in the middle of the field after a goal was scored.

I’m working on implementing more admin tools (player kicking, promoting to admin, etc) but since it will take a while I decided to release these smaller changes now.

Have fun :)

HaxBall Promo Trailer

Schaulustiger, a really talented HaxBall fan, just showed us this amazing promo video he made for our little game. Make sure to visit the YouTube page and click on Like ;)

HaxBall Community page

The HaxBall community keeps growing, and with it a number of fan-made websites have surfaced. To keep track of all of them we’ve just created the community page.

If you’re the maintainer of a community page which isn’t yet listed, please let us know so we can add a link to your site.

Thanks to everyone for helping create this awesome community in such a short time!

New feature: Room links!

With the huge amounts of players came huge amounts of rooms, which made finding a specific room quite an annoying task. Room links are here to solve that :)

To use a room link just press the menu button in a game, copy the room URL and give it to a friend.

Another small new feature is the option to not display the room in the room list. This, in combination with room links, can be an nice alternative to password-protected rooms.

Enjoy :)


As of now HaxBall has ads. I know nobody likes them, me included, but as the popularity of the game grows so do the hosting costs, and sadly donations aren’t enough (though many great thanks to everyone who donated ).

We tried to use ads that keep nagging to a minimum and don’t affect the fun of the game. Hopefully nobody will be mortally offended.



Tiny Christmas update


  • Pressing enter on the nick or room password text fields now works as expected.
  • Double clicking a room in the room list will make you join that room.
  • Small bug fixes and optimizations.

HaxBall @ Electronic Sports League!

The Electronic Sports League ( ESL ) has created a HaxBall League! In it you can join a ladder and compete against other players to see who’s the best HaxBall player. Go check it out!

HaxBall is now a sport!

HaxBall client updated!

Here’s the change list:

  • Limited the length of nicknames to 25 characterss (People were using this to bring down rooms).
  • Implemented a room number of players limit, this is configurable in the room creation menu.
  • Guest is not the default nickname anymore, players now need to fill the nick with something in order to play.
  • Text input boxes now have hints when empty. :)

In other news, it has been a week since HaxBall was released and the number of visits has already surpassed 100k :D

Improved news page!

The news page is now using tumblr, replacing the old placeholder. Thanks Pilaf :)


I (hopefully) fixed an issue which allowed players to freeze rooms to death by spamming long chat messages.

Also added chat scrollbar and new input mappings: WASD for movement; CTRL, SPACE, SHIFT and NUMPAD 0 for kicking.