• Players ping is now visible next to their nicks in the room player list. 
  • Player names in the room players list are now left aligned and the player list is slightly wider.
  • Hardware acceleration setting is ignored if you are using Chrome + Pepper Flash. (For some reason wmode=direct seems to be slower and causes lag in the new flash player used by Chrome)

About the ping being displayed:

  • It correlates to the first of the two values shown in the bottom right of the screen. (eg Ping: This  / NotThis ).
  • It is less precise than the value players see in their bottom right. It will increment in steps of 16 milliseconds.
  • For everyone but the host the displayed ping value will update once every 2 seconds. The host sees the ping changes as soon as they happen.
  • The ping will appear in recorded replays, but it will also update only once every 2 seconds.

That’s it for now, more updates to come soon.