Ive been working on it for a long time and it’s very close to being ready.

I’ve been silent in this blog about it since I wasn’t particularily sure I’d be able to finish it and I wouldn’t like to announce vaporware. However, I’m now pretty confident it’s gonna be released so here is the official teaser/announcement.

You can expect it to be released this year. (Hopefully november, but no hard promises)

Among other things will feature:

  • Unchanged physics, true to the flash version gameplay.
  • Improved but still user hosted peer to peer netplay using WebRTC.
  • Better use of the screen space, no longer constrained to a small window.
  • New bugs! Which will be fixed as they are reported.
  • Some missing features! Which will be implemented soon.
  • Survive Flash death. RIP :’(

Sadly only Firefox, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers fully support the technology needed (WebRTC). So HTML5 HaxBall will not work in Safari or Edge for now.