This update focuses on improving the utilization of the screen’s real estate. It should be specially useful for anyone playing on a small screen.


  • The chat box is now resizable by dragging from the top.
  • The chat box will expand when the chat text field is focused. (Height configurable from video settings)
  • The chat box is now translucent. (Opacity configurable from video settings)
  • The game viewport will now occupy the whole screen.
  • The game viewport will continue to render even when accessing the room’s lobby menu.
  • The site’s nav bar will now disappear when you join a room, freeing up 35 pixels for the actual game.
  • Removed the chat box send button.
  • Removed ‘restricted’ view mode option. This was an artifact of the move from flash to html5, I don’t believe anyone was using it.
  • Pressing number 4 will now select 1.75x Zoom instead of the now removed ‘restricted’ view mode.
  • Nicer scrollbars in the room’s teams lists.
  • Fixed bug where the game camera would stop working permanently until leaving the room after witnessing the game physics going awry.
  • Fixed bug where some browsers would be wrongly detected as not supporting datachannels.